What is lip blush?

Lip blush is semi permanent makeup, it is the implantation of pigment into the dermis layer of the lips, also known as semi permanent lipstick. At present it is one of Solexis’ most popular treatments and we offer it from our treatment room in Basingstoke. The pigment is implanted into the lip skin by way of tattooing using a tattoo pen which has between 1 – 7 needles. With 30 years in the health and beauty industry and 10 years in advanced semi permanent makeup, we are lucky enough to not only encompass Basingstoke and Hampshire but further afield, leading the way to perfecting the latest techniques in semi permanent makeup.

Benefits of lip blush

  • Lip blush gives definition to the outline of the lips and a better shape achieved.
  • A choice of over 10 different shades of lip blush (choose your own colour)
  • Immediately replaces lost pigment from the body of the lip or the edges (vermillion border)
  • Takes years off your appearance
  • Permanent lipstick
  • effortless finishing touch and no need to apply lipstick
  • Gives more volume
  • Wake up to makeup

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Lip Blush
3 hours

How many lip blush treatments are needed?

Two treatments of lip blush are needed, but in some cases the client may prefer a bit more permanent colour and a third is requested. This is completely down to the individual.

How long does Semi Permanent Makeup last?

Semi permanent makeup can last up to 5 years in the skin but to keep the colour fresh and vibrant a top up is advised between 1-2 years.

Does Lip Blush hurt?

The lips are a very sensitive and vascular area but pre numbing is applied for 20 minutes before the treatment and secondary numbing is used throughout the treatment, coupled with 10 years experience with Semi Permanent makeup most of my clients find lip blush a pain free and relaxing treatment.

How long does the lip blush treatment take?

Lip Blush can take upto 3 hours for the first session, the second session which is carried out 6-8 weeks later takes upto 2 hours.

How much does Lip Blush cost?

Lip Blush treatment costs £350 which consists of 2 sessions, the first treatment costing £350 and the second session is free. We are now offering a payment plan to split the costs making the treatment more affordable.

What is the aftercare procedure for lip blush?

Aftercare for the lip blush treatment is straightforward, clean the lips with damp cotton (bottled water) every 30 minutes until bedtime, pat dry and apply vitamin A & D which I will give before you leave the salon. Sometimes the lips will bruise even after the procedure but do not worry, the bruising will dissipate after a few hours. The lips may be swollen the second day, do not ice but keep applying the vitamin A & D, do not allow the lips to dry out. No sauna, no pools and no sunbathing for 7 days after the procedure the initial healing will now be complete but continue with the vitamin A & D until you come back for your top up/touch up which is best 8 weeks later. If you have questions or worries, please feel free to contact me.


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Microblading is the creation of fine hair-like strokes performed on the brow bone using a manual tool similar to a pen, this is also known as feathering or embroidery. This simple procedure gives the eyebrows a very natural appearance.


Lash line enhancement is also known as eyeliner, pigment is placed in between the lashes on the lash line, this gives the visual impression of thicker more defined lashes.


Pigment is is placed in between the lashes and above the lash line, the liner can be thin or thick and can also have in addition a perfect flick, this creates the impression of a full set of eyelash extensions.


The Foxy Eyeliner/Shadow is quickly becoming my most requested semi permanent technique, it is a beautiful thick eyeliner with a sweeping wing on the outer edges of the eyes, eyeshadow is tattooed above giving a soft blended, perfectly pixelated smokey look.


Lip blush is semi permanent lipstick which is implanted into the lip line and body of the lips. The colour will be very dramatic immediately after the procedure but after about a week it will heal to a very subtle version of itself ultimately giving the appearance of beautiful airbrushed lipstick creating more definition and fuller more vibrant lips.  This treatment is suitable for people who have lost their lip border or have thin natural lips also for people who simply do not want to be bothered with applying lipstick numerous times a day. You can choose from over ten different colours or mix pigments to suit your skin tone.


Dark lip neutralization is the process of turning a darker value lip into a lighter, brighter version, cancelling out the cool hue or turning the dark lip neutral, after neutralization a colour of choice can be added. This procedure can define the lip shape and can massively improve confidence.

It is important to say that all lips are beautiful regardless of their natural colour, dark lip neutralization has given some people great confidence if insecure about their lip colouring.


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